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Welcome to London LED Lighting Hire.

New to UK Events Ltd, we are now proud to be supply state of the art LED uplighters to our product list.

Uplighters play a very important role in transforming the look of any function or marquee space. By adding colour to the walls can really make a huge difference of the overall look of a room.

LED uplighters are a cheap way of achieving a stunning looking area. Due to the cleaver LED technology the lights product almost no heat and are the most safest way of lighting a room.

With this great new LED technology, the uplighters are very bright and vibrant. These lights sit on the ground and uplight walls and features you may wish to highlight as a focal point.

If you are booking the LED uplighters with a dance floor you would save over 50% on the hire cost of the uplighters.

Don't forget that we offer starcloths and white or black, discos and dance floors. The more you order from us, the better the deal we are able to do.